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Extra Long Curtain PolesUp to 6m (3m in one piece)

Curtain Poles

We have a huge range of metal curtain poles and a wide variety of wooden curtain poles from brands you can trust.

As well as normal curtain poles we specialise in curtain rails not found in most high street shops, curtain poles for extra wide windows, bifold doors and ceiling mounted curtain poles, we also offer bay window curtain poles. We're sure you'll find a window treatment that you'll love.

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With so many curtain poles to choose from, we have grouped together similar colours and tones to help make your curtain pole choice easier.

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All about our Curtain Poles

Fendow offers a great wooden curtain pole selection and a massive metal curtain pole range with fabulously decorative crystal curtain poles or simple stud and ball curtain poles.

We also offer a fantastic choice of colours from a sleek black curtain pole to painted and stain wooden curtain rods which will co-ordinate or contrast with your decor.

Which curtain pole type is right for your home?

Our wide range of curtain poles is available in a large variety of lengths, diameters, styles and finishes. With so many options to choose from it helps to know what type of curtains you have?

Light weight curtainsVoiles and nets work well on a 19mm metal curtain pole as a thin pole can easily take the light weight curtains and the small profile compliments the airy fabrics.

Medium weight curtainsMedium weight curtains are more suited to 28mm and 35mm curtain poles. For an eyelet curtain pole we suggest a 28mm pole as the majority of ready made eyelet curtains have 40mm eyelets.

Heavy weight curtainsHeavy curtains require a larger diameter curtain rod - 35mm and 50mm for metal poles and 45mm to 63mm for wooden curtain poles.

Which curtain pole style is right for your home?
Metal Curtain Poles

Metal Curtain Poles

Metal curtain poles are our most popular range and for good reasons. With modern colours to match light switches and light fittings and even the ability to span extra long windows or bi-fold doors, a metal curtain pole is a very versatile pole.

We have a great selection of eyelet curtain pole kits for you to choose from and some poles have adjustable brackets to help keep the maximum amount of light out.

Each collection offers a range of accessories to customise your look with recess brackets, hold backs and additional rings.

Take a look at our extensive range and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect metal curtain pole for your home.

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Wooden Curtain Poles

A wooden curtain pole or curtain rod works well with all decor styles and adds warmth to a room.

Light tones such as a white curtain pole can help brighten a dark room and blend into the simple colour palette. We also offer fantastic oak curtain pole ranges with most timber from sustainable FSC sources. Darker tones can make a dramatic statement to your home.

With a variety of pole sizes available, a wooden curtain pole of 35mm diameter is a good solid choice for most windows but if you need an extra long curtain pole then a larger diameter pole maybe required.

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Wooden Curtain Poles
Bay Window Curtain Pole

Bay Window Curtain Poles

A bay window curtain pole can be a tricky thing to buy. With so many restrictions we have a solution for any bay window. We offer a bay window curtain pole kit range with elbow joints and passing rings, everything you need to install your curtain pole. If you require something more unique, our mix and match curtain poles for L shape, 3 or 5 sided bay window curtain pole or a bay window curtain pole ceiling mounted can all be created.

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Eyelet Curtain Poles

An eyelet curtain pole is a great rail choice to compliment your eyelet curtains. These poles are supplied without rings and we recommend a metal eyelet curtain pole so the eyelets in your curtains can run smoothly across the pole. Eyelet curtains are also a fantastic style choice for a simple clean look in your home.

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Eyelet Curtain Poles
Extra Long Curtain Poles

Extra Long Curtain Poles

At Fendow we specialise in the different and the hard to find and we know that you would struggle to find an extra long curtain pole in many high street shops. Either metal or extra long wooden curtain poles are available in sizes up to a 600cm curtain pole. For the really awkward applications we offer a 300cm long curtain pole without a centre bracket.

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Ceiling Curtain Poles

The ceiling curtain pole range is a great solution if wall space is tight and they all come with ceiling mounted curtain pole brackets. A top fix curtain pole is available with most metal curtain poles and also with oak poles and all have metal accessories.

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Ceiling Curtain Poles
Curtain Pole Accessories

Curtain Pole Accessories

We offer a full range of accessories to complement our collection of curtain poles. If you’re looking for that finishing touch for your home furnishings with curtain holdbacks or tie back hooks or if you need to purchase additional components like ceiling fix curtain brackets or extra curtain rings then we have the parts you need.

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Curtain Pole Buyers Guide

What’s Included?

Most manufacturers offer a standard amount of components with their curtain poles. This guide gives you a good idea of what is included but also check the specific product details before purchasing.

Pole SetFinialsNo. of PolesJoiner*RingsBrackets
120cm 2 1 x 120cm n/a 12 2
150cm 2 1 x 150cm n/a 16 2
180cm 2 1 x 180cm n/a 18 2
200cm 2 1 x 200cm n/a 20 3
210cm 2 1 x 210cm n/a 22 3
240cm 2 1 x 240cm n/a 24 3
300cm 2 2 x 150cm 1 30 3
360cm 2 2 x 180cm 1 36 3
400cm 2 2 x 200cm 1 40 3
420cm 2 2 x 210cm 1 42 3
480cm 2 2 x 240cm 1 48 3
500cm 2 1 x 500cm n/a 52 3
600cm 2 2 x 300cm 1 60 3
*Rings - Within our product pages there is an option to buy most of our metal curtain poles with or without curtain rings.

I can’t find the exact curtain pole size which I need?

Simply order the next size up from what you require. Also remember to add at least an extra 30cm beyond the window size.

Can I cut the curtain pole down?

Yes, our standard metal and wooden curtain poles can all be cut down to your required size with a hacksaw. The finials cover the ends you have cut down so don’t worry too much about your cuts. If your curtain pole comes in two pieces just make sure you cut equal amounts off both poles and remember to put the manufactured cuts together!

Do you sell eyelet curtain poles?

Yes, we suggest 28mm curtain poles for the majority of ready made eyelet curtains (40mm eyelets) you can buy and 35mm curtain poles for eyelet curtains with larger 50mm eyelets.

Once you have found the curtain pole you like, you can select “no rings” on most of our 28mm and 35mm metal curtain poles.

Should I buy a metal or wooden curtain pole?

Alot of the time it’s just personal preference but in some circumstances you have only one option. If you are looking for a bay window curtain pole then a metal curtain pole is the way to go as a wooden bay window curtain pole isn’t really an option.

Also ceiling mounted curtain poles tend to be metal as the majority of wooden curtain pole brackets are only for wall mounting.

We suggest a metal curtain pole for eyelet curtains for its durability with metal eyelets. Sometimes extra long curtain poles and heavy curtains require passing brackets and passing rings to help with the longer lengths and extra weight.

Curtain Pole, Curtain Rod or Curtain Rail?

We all call them different things but they are all the same, a way of hanging your curtains on a piece of metal, wood or acrylic with finials (pole ends), brackets and curtain rings.

How many curtain rings do I need?

Although the industry standard is 1 ring per 10cm of curtain pole, we would recommend adding a few more – 1 extra ring per 30cm of pole – for smoother running and neat pleats, particularly on longer length curtain poles. Additional rings are available to purchase on each product page under 'Accessories'.

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