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Extra Long Curtain PolesUp to 6m (3m in one piece)

Metal Curtain Poles

Huge collection of metal curtain poles.

Plain and stylish finials and accessories with a range of colours, sizes and pole diameters to compliment your curtains and decor.

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We have a great range of metal curtain pole colours from a silver brushed steel curtain pole to shiny black metal curtain poles and gloss white metal curtain poles.

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Metal Curtain Pole Buyers Guide

Our extensive range of curtain poles offers curtain rods in a variety of metallic and painted finishes in popular diameters.

Check out our ceiling curtain pole and extra long curtain pole ranges for those hard to find window solutions.

Heavy Duty Metal Curtain Poles

Heavy Duty Metal Curtain Poles

We offer metal curtain poles in three diameters;
28mm, 35mm and 50mm.

All our metal curtain rods are well made, and are designed to last, to give you years of faultless use. Our 35mm metal curtain pole range is our most popular as it can take heavy weight curtains and also looks fantastic with a sturdy appearance.

28mm metal curtain poles work very well with eyelet curtains but 35mm curtain rods can also be used.

50mm metal poles are the largest diameter we offer and are great for rooms with high ceilings, if you have extra wide windows with very heavy curtains or for just a sense of opulence in your home.

Finial Styles

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the finial options available in our metal curtain pole range.

Our curtain pole ends include the ever popular end stopper stud and ball curtain poles, but we also offer diamante and lead crystal curtain poles to really personalise your home interior decor.

End Stopper Metal Curtain Pole
Metal Eyelet Curtain Pole

Ideal for Eyelet Curtains

We have a fantastic selection of eyelet curtain poles without rings ready for your curtains.

28mm Eyelet Curtain Poles - The perfect choice for eyelet curtains with 40mm eyelets. To help your eyelet curtains run smoothly when you open and close them, we suggest adding nylon eyelet liners that simply fit inside your eyelets.

35mm Eyelet Curtain Poles - If your eyelet curtains have the larger 50mm eylelets then a 35mm eyelet pole is the best choice and again eyelet liners can be purchased.

All eyelet pole sets come with finials, metal poles and brackets.

What’s Included?

Most manufacturers offer a standard amount of components with their curtain poles. This guide gives you a good idea of what is included but check the product details before purchasing.

Pole SetFinialsNo. of PolesJoiner*RingsBrackets
120cm 2 1 x 120cm n/a 12 2
150cm 2 1 x 150cm n/a 16 2
180cm 2 1 x 180cm n/a 18 2
240cm 2 1 x 240cm n/a 24 3
300cm 2 2 x 150cm 1 30 3
360cm 2 2 x 180cm 1 36 3
480cm 2 2 x 240cm 1 48 3
500cm 2 1 x 500cm n/a 54 3
600cm 2 2 x 300cm 1 60 3
*Rings - Within our product pages there is an option to buy most of our metal curtain poles with or without curtain rings.

I can’t find the exact curtain pole size which I need?

Simply order the next size up from what you require. Also remember to add at least an extra 30cm beyond the window size.

How to cut a metal curtain pole?

Yes, all our standard metal curtain poles can all be cut down to your required size with a hacksaw. We suggest wrapping masking tape around the metal rods where you need to cut to help mark your cut on the shiny pole and it as protects your pole if you slip with the hacksaw. The finials cover the ends you have cut down so don’t worry too much about your cuts. If your curtain pole comes in two pieces just make sure you cut equal amounts off both poles!

How to clean a metal curtain pole?

We suggest cleaning your metal curtain pole and fittings with white spirit and lubricating with furniture polish on a soft cloth, this will remove any dirt and assist your rings or eyelet curtains to slide more easily.