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Extra Long Curtain PolesUp to 6m (3m in one piece)

Wooden Curtain Poles

Our wooden curtain pole collections are not only chosen for their quality but also style, range of colours and diameters.

The ranges offer wooden curtain poles for contemporary styles but also, country cottage, simple neutrals and even french style ornate statement pieces.

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We have a massive range of wooden curtain poles in lots of stained finishes like dark wood, oak and mahogany and painted finishes like grey, cream and white.

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Wooden Curtain Pole Buyers Guide

Our fabulous collection of wooden curtain poles offers curtain rods in a wide range of painted and stained finishes with a variety of finial options with metal and wooden curtain pole brackets and curtain rings.

Check out our buyers guide to help you make the best choice for your room.

Sturdy Wooden Curtain Poles

Sturdy Wooden Curtain Poles

Wooden curtain poles come in many diameters and as a guide we suggest a 28mm or 30mm wooden curtain pole for light and medium weight curtains. For medium to heavy curtains we would recommend a 35mm to 45mm wooden curtain rod. If you have heavy to very heavy weight curtains a 50mm to 63mm wooden pole should be used.

Most of our wooden curtain pole sets are supplied with finials, wooden poles, durable curtain pole brackets and curtain rings.

Painted or Stained Curtain Poles

We have a huge range of colours to choose from. We offer painted curtain poles in popular muted tones such as grey wooden curtain poles and simple white wooden curtain poles but also traditional colours like antique gold.

We also offer stained, light, mid and dark wood curtain poles for a more traditional look. Our stained colours bring out the natural texture of the hard wood used in the curtain poles.

Painted or Stained Curtain Poles
Oak Curtain Poles

Oak Curtain Poles

Oak curtain poles can mean different things to different people. If you want a modern real solid oak curtain pole then the Jones Lunar and Rolls Neo ranges are what you are looking for. The Jones Strand range can also be added to this, the poles are made from ash rather than oak and because they are finished in an oak stain you can not tell the difference.

Our oak stained curtain poles in light oak, mid oak and dark oak finishes are hard wood curtain poles and stained in different tones. These are perfect for a traditional style but the finial options available make them ideal for a more modern interior.

What’s Included?

Most manufacturers offer a standard amount of components with their curtain poles. This guide gives you a good idea of what is included but also check the specific product details before purchasing..

Pole SetFinialsNo. of PolesJoiner*RingsBrackets
120cm 2 1 x 120cm n/a 12 2
150cm 2 1 x 150cm n/a 16 2
180cm 2 1 x 180cm n/a 18 2
200cm 2 1 x 200cm n/a 20 3
210cm 2 1 x 210cm n/a 22 3
240cm 2 1 x 240cm n/a 24 3
300cm 2 2 x 150cm 1 30 3
360cm 2 2 x 180cm 1 36 3
400cm 2 2 x 200cm 1 40 3
420cm 2 2 x 210cm 1 42 3
480cm 2 2 x 240cm 1 48 3
600cm 2 2 x 300cm 1 60 3
*Rings - Within our product pages there is an option to buy some of our wooden curtain poles with or without curtain rings.

I can’t find the exact curtain pole size which I need?

Simply order the next size up from what you require. Also remember to add at least an extra 30cm beyond the window size.

How to cut a wooden curtain pole?

All our wooden curtain poles can be cut down to your required size with a wood saw. We suggest wrapping masking tape around the pole where you need to cut to help mark your cut and provide and extra bit of grip, it also helps protect your pole if you slip with the saw. The finials cover the ends you have cut down so don’t worry too much about your cuts. If your curtain pole comes in two pieces just make sure you cut equal amounts off both poles so that the join is supported by the center bracket.

How to clean a wooden curtain pole?

We suggest cleaning your wooden curtain pole and fittings with simply a soft cloth, this will remove any dirt build up. We do not recommend cleaning the wooden poles with any cleaning solution as this can remove the wax finish from stained poles.