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Extra Long Curtain PolesUp to 6m (3m in one piece)

Jones Strand Acrylic End Stopper 35mm Metal Curtain Pole

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*Curtain poles, tracks and some accessories are sent direct from our wholesalers to your delivery address. Whenever possible this is within 2-3 days but may be longer due to delayed deliveries into our suppliers. Email and we will check stocks pre order if you prefer.

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There may be an additional charge for curtain pole and curtain track orders to Scottish Highlands and Islands. Fendow can no longer supply to Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland.

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Our website is packed full of detail and information about the products we offer but if you still need some help making the right choice please email and we'll be happy to help!


In short

The Jones Strand Acrylic End Stopper curtain pole kit has a discreet finial, perfect where space is limited. This clear acrylic and metal finial design is chosen for its contemporary design and its neat dimensions.

  • Pole set lengths up to 600cm
  • Up to 300cm in one piece
  • Pole sets include finials, rings (if required), pole(s), brackets and fixing packs
  • Can easily be cut to size
  • Suitable for Light to Heavy weight curtains*
*exceptions apply for 600cm poles


Pole DiameterFinial LengthFinial Diameter
35mm 55mm 58mm

Strand 7cm Bracket

Strand 7cm Bracket

Strand 11cm Bracket

Strand 11cm Bracket

Strand Ceiling Bracket

Strand Ceiling Bracket

What's Included?

Pole SetFinialsNo. of PolesJoiner*RingsBrackets
180cm 2 1 x 180cm n/a 18 2
240cm 2 1 x 240cm n/a 24 3
300cm 2 1 x 300cm n/a 30 3
360cm 2 2 x 180cm 1 36 3
480cm 2 2 x 240cm 1 48 3
600cm 2 2 x 300cm 1 60 3
600cm Heavy 2 2 x 300cm 1 60 - 24/36 5 - 3/2

600cm Heavy - Rings - 24 Standard / 36 Passing - Brackets - 3 Standard / 2 Passing

*Rings are supplied with the curtain pole if the "with rings" option has been selected.


  • 35mm diameter strong metal curtain pole
  • 2 metal colour options - Matt Nickel (Brushed Steel), Chrome
  • Choice of three size brackets - 7cm pillar bracket, 11cm pillar bracket and a closed ceiling bracket.
  • The Strand ceiling bracket is a closed bracket so can be used on a sloping ceiling or as a wall bracket.
  • Concealed bracket fixings, strong metal backplate with 3 mounting holes
  • Useful 300cm pole in one piece
  • Wide range of pole set sizes - 120cm, 180cm, 240cm, 300cm*, 360cm, 480cm up to 600cm
  • Suitable for light, medium and heavy weight curtains
  • Can easily be cut to required length with a hacksaw
  • Supplied with fixing pack
  • Rings are lined with fixed eyelets, for smooth operation
  • Perfect for pleated curtains e.g. pencil pleat, pinch pleat, standard tape or special headings
  • Ideal for eyelet curtains - We recommend at least 50mm eyelets for a smooth operation. 40mm eyelets do work but your curtains may not open and close easily.
  • Also great for tab top and tie curtains.

What do I need?

For Tab Top Curtains

Tab Top Curtain Configuration

What type of brackets do you require?

For tab top curtains we recommend 7cm wall brackets or ceiling brackets.

Do you require rings?

Select ‘without rings’ as you do not need them.

For Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet Curtain Configuration

What type of brackets do you require?

For eyelet curtains we suggest 11cm wall brackets as it is important to have sufficient space for the folds. Ceiling fixing with the Lunar ceiling bracket is not recommended for eyelet curtains.

Do you require rings?

Select ‘without rings’ as you do not need them.

For Heading Tape Curtains

Heading Tape Curtain Configuration

What type of brackets do you require?

We suggest 7cm brackets, unless you need your curtains to hang a little further from the wall in which case the longer 11cm brackets may be a better option. The 7cm bracket allows the curtain to hang nearer to the wall for less heat loss and less light ingress.

Do you require rings?

Select ‘with rings’ to the ring option. Your pole set will be supplied with one ring per 10cm of pole. If you prefer to have a few more rings they can be purchased in packs of 6.


The acrylic end stopper finial style in this stunning Jones Interiors Strand range is available in a choice of two metallic finishes.

Ready to order? Simply measure your window or door width, add 30-50cm to the measurement and order the curtain pole in the next size up.

E.g. Width 142cm + 30cm = 172cm - order the 180cm curtain pole set.

The curtain pole can be cut down in length using a fine tooth hacksaw. If two poles are supplied, a strong internal metal joiner is used to join the poles together and the join is supported with the centre bracket which is included in the set.

The stylish Strand metal brackets consist of a three part bracket. A metal backplate is secured in place and a cover plate and barrel bracket slots over the backplate to conceal the fixings.

Our Strand curtain pole sets with rings are supplied with 1 ring per 10cm of pole. This is the standard specification and would suit most applications but if you have heavy curtains or if you just prefer more rings, these can be purchased in packs of six. Strand rings are nylon lined for smooth operation.

Most pole sizes are suitable for up to full length heavy weight curtains, with the exception of the 480cm and 600cm poles which are suitable for full length medium weight or mid length heavy weight curtains. If you feel that your curtains are very heavy then a 50mm curtain pole might be worth a look.

Fendow Says


Customers who buy Jones Interiors products are always delighted with their purchase as the quality is superb. Within the Strand range Jones have included some really useful extra components such as passing rings and brackets which makes extra long curtain poles so easy to achieve and also recess brackets for a wall to wall solution.

Showcase Image

Precision Engineering

The substantial Strand range by Jones Interiors is engineered to the highest standard. From the milled solid metal brackets, to the stylish flat rings with nylon grommets. Every little detail has been thought about in this awesome product range.

Showcase Image

Hidden fixings for a sleek finish

The metal brackets that come with the curtain pole set consist of a three part bracket. A metal backplate is secured in place and the cover plate and barrel bracket slots over the backplate to conceal the fixings.

Showcase Image

A perfect solution for bifold and patio doors

The Strand 35mm range offers all the components to make easy work of covering longer lengths. If hanging 50mm eyelet curtains the maximum size is 600cm in matt nickel and chrome, but for curtains with heading tape even longer lengths can be covered using passing rings and passing brackets. This would be a custom pole if over 600cm.

Unless specified otherwise the colour of the curtain pole or curtain track relates to the finish, not the materials composition.
Products from different manufacturers may not necessarily be compatible with each other.
The size of the curtain ring relates to the diameter of the curtain pole not the size of the ring. Contact us if you are unsure.